Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2012
Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2012



January, 2013 – Art Basel Miami Beach . . . A Spectacular Show


By Marla E. Schwartz




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I took my time and browsed around the Jane Sauer Gallery to see the work of Toland Sand, an innovator in the use of dichroic glass and polished crystal beginning his career in stained glass, moving to glass blowing and then to constructed glass sculpture; Jacques Soussana Fine Art Gallery, Duane Reed Gallery, Mecenavie where I met visual artist Idan Wizen, who is based in Paris, France and has created www.nude-in-the-living-room-com images which are fascinating; I discovered the work of so many amazing artists, including George “SEN One” Morillo’s “SEN the Mad Mugsy” spray paint and other oil-base inks and paints, as well as the generous and kind Christa Azzola who was watching me admire the work of other artists – happily giving me a tour of all their work – then she brought me to her sculptures on exhibit made from materials such as clay, sandstone, limestone, wood and marble. So, I decided to ask her a few questions:


Marla E. Schwartz (AW.COM): How did you get involved with RED DOT?

Christa Azzola: The Temporary Gallery Berlin, Germany invited me to take part at the Red Dot Art Fair.


MES: Tell me a little bit about what inspires you?

CA: What inspires me is the dialogue between the stone, clay and I. The dialogue with the people I meet on my trips (I travel a lot). Beyond that, I really think that stones have a soul, they talk to you and use your hands to express themselves. I just make possible that they can tell their own story. Sometimes I want to tell my own story and the stone and I we figure out a solution. I also would like to encourage people to be more emotional, to live their feelings, to celebrate them, to open up, to trust them. When, if not now? Sometimes I feel like a fountain: ideas come and I just have to listen to them and take action.


MES: Where do you live and work and how can people view and/or purchase your work?

CA: I live and work in Berlin, Germany. The art lovers can view my art work and contact me on my website: They can buy my art work directly from me, if they contact me via my website.


After a wonderful time admiring Christa and her work I wandered around a bit more and discovered so many other thrilling artists that it seemed to turn more into a party where one makes new friends – than a professional art fair.

Dear Marla, thank you so much. Christa



International Palagio a Pescia, Museum in Pescia

31. August - 22. September 2013


5'05'' - 5'09'' Be Playful and Trust

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